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Spring Adventures!

Amethyst Collecting | Peg and Awl

It’s Spring!

May the adventures begin...

Last weekend found us in a freshly plowed field of amethysts rising toward the surface, and within a few hours our Hunter Satchels were brimming with earthly magic. Once home, we spread our loot out at our feet and washed away the mud. Like archeologists we examined each piece, drew our favorite specimens, and recorded our day’s excitement in our journals. (Read the full story of our adventure on our blog!)

Whether your spring adventures find you in the field or at your desk, we’ve got you covered!

Small Hunter Satchel by Peg and Awl Foundlings Small Desk Caddy: Sage by Peg and Awl
Small Hunter Satchel
Foundlings Small Desk Caddy: Sage
Foundlings Harper Journal: June by Peg and Awl Botanical Dandelion Ring by Peg and Awl
Foundlings Harper Journal: June
Botanical Dandelion Ring
Olde Fashioned Tree Swing by Peg and Awl The Sendak Mini Artist Roll by Peg and Awl
Olde Fashioned Tree Swing
The Sendak Mini Artist Roll


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