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Our Autumn collection is full of Violets, Reds, and Grays, just in time to join an adventure amongst the first changing of the leaves! Their stories evolve as they pivot to new lives in our hands then yours. 

These collections go fast - we will send out an email announcement 3 hours before they are available – you will be able to look through each item in the collection at that time.⁠ Join our newsletter to receive the preview and launch announcements!

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This Of a Kind collection took a dramatic colour change and blends in with a lot of the treasures from nature that have been accumulating on my desk! ⁠

Some of a kind collection with antique textiles

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Due to COVID-19 we have closed our shop to the public for the near future, but our online shop remains open, and we are shipping orders on Tuesdays and Fridays! We will be shipping and disinfecting and are around to answer any questions that you may have.

Though we are all affected by this situation in many different ways, let us make the best of a tough time by learning something new, or catching up on something old. Whether you’re making more food at home, cleaning the darkest corners around the house, or maybe even checking some long delayed home and gardening projects off of your list, we hope that you are able to use this curious time to enjoy the small things as well!

This past weekend, the Peg and Awl team traveled back in time with @gilesclement and his partner Kendra, witnessing and partaking in many tin type and ambrotype sessions at the Peg and Awl workshop. The smell of collodion was intoxicating, as Giles expertly poured it onto the plates and gently tilted each one until fully coated, finally tipping one corner into the well-used bottle to collect the excess. The tiny makeshift darkroom housing developer was like a time machine. In the age of digital photography, we snap-snap-snap, hoping 1 in million will be good enough for a quick digital edit and a push to Instagram. For me, seeing Giles set up each portrait with care and shoot at the precise right moment, yanked me back into my olden days, where I had 12 shots per roll of film and a week to wait for the results. Patience, time, care, seem nearly lost to me now, but I suppose our new way is just a different path to the same point. We don’t have to head into a studio, wash behind our ears, and make sure our Sunday best is spotless. We get to snap-snap-snapping in the midst of the action, dirt and all.

Here is to the old and the new, and how lucky we are to be at the crossroads.

Click below to see the process and final photographs!

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