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2022 Gift Guide: Things I love

As you may see from my list of Things I Love, I've been on a bit of a binge lately. I'm feeling a welcome change a-coming and it expresses itself through new food, new adventures, new adornments, &c. (though as I reflected on last year's gift guide, I am also quite the same.) 

May my list lead you down some enchanting rabbit holes!

ps: These are drawn with my non-dominant hand:) More @beingmargauxkent 

Nikon Zfc
I've been looking for something between my phone and my too-big-for-everyday camera for years. This is the first camera that is easy to carry, can be used with one hand (and often a nose), and takes really beautiful photographs!
Our Pearl
There are so many abandoned and neglected animals in the world! Pearl is our daily treasure and will likely be in every gift guide I make. We got our Pearl from Providence. Find a shelter near you and go say hey!

Finding shoes that will accompany me daily on bike rides and walks and hikes that look good with dresses and pants, and keep my back and feet strong and not hurty is no easy quest. I love Duckfeet for checking off every box — I now have four pairs!
Make Ink: A Forager's Guide to Natural Inkmaking by Jason Logan
I held off buying this book for I fall down far too many rabbit holes. But what a treasure! And what a rabbit hole! This book contains story, process, art, and discovery. It is inspiring in so many ways. Søren and I have been having so much fun making ink.

I generally wear clothes until they fall apart, and with all of threadbare and buttonless favourites piling high for repair, I've decided to gather some new treausres. Walter gifted me the suspendered-courderoys and now I am hooked! The recycled hemp garden boots are my garden boot (tick-keeper-at-bayer) dream come true!
Antique Tins
I may have a habit of vintage tins. I like to say I am NOT a collector, but I do fancy myself a gatherer. I love tins for hauling art supplies, soft things like pastels, and tiny messy things like pen nibs. And they make wonderful alternative sketchbooks. They fit nicely into my Sendak and pouches. And of course, I love a good Flea Market find — though Etsy and Ebay are great resources if you are patient!
Silas is learning about Bonsai's for a Homeschool project and he got us all into it. Our garden, artist friend Kai, brought a bag of Bonsai-able trees for Silas, including: Azalea, Boxwood, Pines, Juniper, and Hercules Club. The places to look, he said, are parking lots and mowed areas where the roots are biggened as the tops are shorn! Abundance everywhere, for those who seek it!

Always More Books
I will never stop gathering books. Unread stacks surround me, but also, many are read and scribbled and delighted in. (PS: Padraig O'Tauma's book has been long preordered - check.)
The Simple Folk
I stopped at my favourite Philadelphia shop, Vagabond, and found The Simple Folk linen dress (among other things)! So cozy, layerable, pocketed, swishy, and loooong. I have to tie it in a knot to bike and hike with it — but yay! I love it so. 

Spruce Tip Jelly
Treat yourself to a Spruce Tip delight! Paired with yummy cheese, this is a hard thing to not get to the bottom of in one sitting. 
Omega Juicer
Struggling with Lyme and all of the problems that stem from it, it is time for me to return to juicing! I cannot wait to get this (my Christmas wish). Silas is also looking forward to the juice journey we will embark on!
Our Bookbinding Tutorials
Make your own presents! Use our bookbinding tutorial for the foundation and add your personality to sketchbooks and journals made by you - kind of the best gift really! I love making these little coverless books and always have an extra in my bag with a specific project within…
Bellwether Farm Sheep Milk Yogurt
My favourite yogurt - like toasty marshmallow goodness with maple syrup. But then I load it up with fruits and whole cacao granola! Mmmmm. 


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Recently discovered you’re awesome Sendak Fir my daughter and I on our painting &drawing adventures. So awesome! I received the Make Ink book as a gift- talk about a rabbit hole, it’s led to all sorts of hunts involving all things paint. We’ve had our Omega juicer for probably 7-8 years and it’s a workhorse. It’s easy to clean and works great. I hope you all will love yours. The camera you shared- oh my! What a fun list of finds- such similar taste. Happy New Year to you & yours.🎉💗

Miss Margaux,
You’re a treasure!
Your wild mind and blogs are so appreciated.
I covet all the flowery suggestions in your gift guide.
A merry Christmas to your lovely family and a successful 2023

I love reading your blog, seeing your sketch’s and encouraging us to make our own journals. Taken to heart! ❤️🇨🇦