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Adventures Close to Home

Peg and Awl Adventures Close to Home

Adventures Close to Home

Last week’s Birthday and Father’s Day adventuring led us to a farm house in PA built in the 1700s. I must confess, while the art of slow living sounds delightful, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I just spent 5 days with my family shuffling from one adventure to another. We all love moving – seeing all that we can see and doing all that we can do – until we collapse.

Our work is often disguised as adventure and vacation, or the other way around. I cannot quite tell which way is up, but it gives me purpose. And, of course, everything in life is how you frame it. I believe we divide too much in our modern world. We’ve got time for work and time for school, and if we are lucky – time for family and if we are REALLY lucky, time for ourselves. So happy that I can call drawing and journaling with Søren, Silas, and Walter in Kempton, PA – along with fossil finding, kayaking, flea marketing, Crystal Caving and concert going – work, school, AND family time.

Small Hunter Satchel by Peg and Awl Leather Journal by Peg and Awl
Small Hunter Satchel
Leather Journals
Anselm Bookbinding Kit by Peg and Awl Little Rogue Backpack by Peg and Awl
Anselm Bookbinding Kit
Little Rogue Backpack
The Sendak Artist Roll by Peg and Awl Weekender by Peg and Awl
The Sendak Artist Roll


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