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Painting a Portrait with the Scout Plein Air Box

Walter paints a portrait with The Scout Plein Air Box

Time isn't very orderly these days.
It speeds up and slows down inexplicably.
This was this winter, or years ago.

Read the backstory of how Walter came to develop the Scout Plein Air Box, which was inspired by our endeavor to make art every day. 


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Well, Mr. Walter….aren’t you the talented one?! Stunning work & music was the perfect pairing. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your work with us!

I loved the music. It was a hook from the beginning. Walter is very talented.

What fun!! Loved watching this!

Votre petit film avec ambiance sonore, musique et cognements du matériel contre le mystique chevalet, est l’étoile de ma journée.
Merci. Je vous aime.
Je vais commander cette boîte- chevalet.

Well I’m impressed. Well done.

The music pulled me into every brushstroke. Absolutely beautiful.

Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!