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Sendak for Knitters, Potters, and Others ✨

Sendak for Knitters!

Like everything we make at Peg and Awl, we made the Sendak first for ourselves, and then for everyone. Our objects most often arise as something we desire, something missing in the world.

As one who writes and draws, it was easy to share with other writers and drawers — and the Sendak exploded. But we are often asked if it will work for chefs, make-up artists, knitters, crocheters, sculptures, &c. as well. We love seeing photographs pop up sharing these other uses — but it isn’t often.

The question of knitting comes up the most, so with the help of Brooklyn General Store, one of our stockists, we set up a Sendak for a beginner knitter.

If you use your Sendak for other things, please share with us – we’d love to see.

Share with us on Instagram, Reviews, YouTube, or whereever you spend your screen time – we’d love to see!

waxed canvas storage case filled with knitting needles, stitch markers, and other tools
Single Subject, Soft Cover Notebook for Knitting Project Ideas
A Mini Sendak works too!
An Orra Portrait notebook – perfect for project ideas and notes. 
A Classic Sendak in Slate.
I made this for stitch markers from scrap. We had a great response so are working on Leather Scraplings now!
See our Waxed Canvas Scraplings here!
A Pouch for Littles!
The back pocket is great for notebooks.
Pockets filled with knitting tools from Brooklyn General Store
Lavender Treasures from Warwick Furnace Farm

Starter set-up in Our Knitting Sendak

* * *

Some Shared Sendaks!

Sendak Mini for Knitting Needles and Supplies
Photograph by Alice O.
Sendak Mini for Storing Crochet Needles!
Photograph by Maryse M.


* * *

Sendaks in Clay Studios

Handmade Waxed Canvas Pottery Tool Case

My clay set up in a Moss Sendak. Still rather clean, as I've not made time to frequent the local clay studio. 

My introduction to clay was inside of this big yellow clay pot!
Cara Graver’s Cob Studio, a time traveling adventure.


* * *

Here is my friend Darla Jackson’s Sendak in All Black. A well-loved and daily used clayey wonder! 

Darla Jackson's Sendak Artist Roll filled with Pottery and Clay Tools
A couple of Darla’s magical creatures...

* * *

Your Reviews!

@tijanadraws has been sharing her Sendak as she’s completely stuffed it with art supplies! I especially love seeing her magical work along with it.
Shop Tijana’s original illustrations in her shop, here!
“Beautiful artist roll is from @pegandawl and it’s a keepsake piece to get you round with everything you need in one place, it fits whole sketchbooks, papers and palettes in, next to all the other usual stuff that you can get into these. And if that is not enough it’s extremely beautiful.” –@tijanadraws


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