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Small, Small Batch and Valentine's Day Gifts!

Happy New Year!
“Turn it and turn it,
for everything is in it.”

–Ben Bag Bag

Growing and flourishing are not always analogous.

Join us for a quick wander through 2023, the year we smallened Peg and Awl, and moved out of Philadelphia. Also the year where we found ourselves finding ourselves again. The ‘smallening’, as I’ve been calling it, is a bit vague. I’m an open book when it comes to most things, and would love to engage in conversation on the topic, but mostly, I know neither where to begin, nor how to distill it. The simplest version is this: Peg and Awl was a thriving small business with twenty-five people at our height, reaching sales numbers we’d never imagined nor planned for. But the joy of having a small business, being curious, and exploring this weird world with family and friends, became secondary as our responsibilities to maintain this monster perpetuated. Somehow growing and flourishing are not always analogous.

And here we are in 2024, returning, already, to what matters most! We’ve ventured south for a little warmth and a lot of biking, I went north for a mini retreat in the snow. We’ve been working on new Peg and Awl treasures, building our barn storefront and workshop, and working on the land.

We cannot wait to share our progress – there are so many stories to tell!

Our 14th Anniversary was January 10th!

I love the weirdness of quilts – especially those that appear to be constructed of spectacularly odd combinations of colour and pattern, perhaps the result of making with what was on hand! 

Scholar Pouches (Sold Out)
The Small Hunter Satchel (Sold Out)
The Mini Tote (Sold Out)
The Maker Pouch (Sold Out)



Solvitur Ambulando Ring
Opal Earrings
Terran Necklace 
All the Names Collection


Some Classics Reframed

Specimen Cards
I received these cards from Søren and Silas for Christmas and they are wondrous. They’ve celebrated aspects of the Five Acre Wood. Gift them blank, or fill them in!
The Sendak Mini
Ah, the many ways to fill a Sendak. Here is a Spice Mini, with a new project palette, ready for an outdoor adventure.
The Finch Satchel in Red Maple
We are down to the last few Red Maple Bags including The Finch!
Foundlings Prints
Foundlings originals and prints in a frame or out add mystery to any space!

* * *

A Rural Pen Ink is Back in Stock!

A Rural Pen Ink made from guns!
I love how this ink mixes with others – the granulation is an experience!


Everywhere, Astonishments!

Movie: Poor Things! Have you seen it? It has created quite a tension in our house with dramatically different interpretations!

PI started reading Kaveh Akbar’s new book, Martyr! It is the first book in ages that I’ve had a hard time putting down.

“He studied himself in the mirror, thought his teeth looked sharper.”
“For as long as he could remember, Cyrus had thought it unimaginably strange, the body’s need to recharge nightly.” 
The Snowdrops started to bloom a month and a half-ish early. Here they are, the morning after the snow melted away.


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