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Our NEW Ring is Here! Solvitur Ambulando – “It is solved by walking.”

NEW Solvitur Ambulando Ring!
“It is solved by walking!” 

I am a walker. I’ve always been a walker. My mom was a walker, too. We walked to get groceries (Monkee’s walk there, awkward schlep home), we walked through the woods on road trip adventures, laughing uncontrollably, and we meandered through our neighborhoods. I put miles on my legs before that, walking back and forth betwixt my parent’s homes – my grey, pointy-cornered, double-cassette player bruising my thighs and knees as I walked and sang with The Ramones, The Cure, and The Violent Femmes. Later, I’d uncover that walking whilst reading would make me a better reader. How I’d gulp down volumes and laugh and cry and talk out loud to my books having discovered details that stayed with me as I read, unlike before when I’d drift... I simultaneously strengthened my other senses, becoming hyper aware of obstacles as I ambulated. I know which books I’ve read in the rain, or whilst traveling, as they are swollen with the experiences of movement and weather. When Søren was a baby and Walter was in Iraq, Søren and I walked for miles together as I read out loud, Søren’s little face betwixt mine and the book.

But somehow, in our country, it still feels like a secret only a few of us are in on. As a family, we walk to ease our full bellies and ramble on about the day’s explorations or discoveries, and we bicker. For all the homes we pass, we see the same few movers wandering about: there are the dog walkers who are most abundant, the couples who’ve been walking together for decades, the rapping runner, and the lone walkers. There are bikers and joggers and mothers with babies in strollers, too, who pass by now and again, but they change.

Movement brings words to life, ideas to life, and life to life! It clarifies and distills and cleanses. It extracts and then magnifies the magic. How different I would be without all this walking! How different would you be? Pray tell.

Here at Peg and Awl, we celebrate the little things – we always have. We celebrate stories, craftsmanship, materials, old things, fragments, movement, thought, wondering and wandering. Everything we make has a story; we hope you enjoy this one!

This is long – over two years – in the making! Be it reminder, celebration, both and more, our Solvitur Ambulando ring is finally here in recycled Gold, Silver, and Bronze*.

*Gold: (14K yellow gold)
Silver: (hypo-allergenic 925)
Bronze: (an alloy that can give your hands a flair with tinges of green, less in cooler months)

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Working through the art and the lettering for the ring.
My walking companion finds her way in, of course.

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Our ring is made by hand – carved from wax, engraved, cast, and finished in our Barn Studio. Each ring and size has different nuances giving them the feeling of having been dug up after centuries underground!

We are making all of our jewelry in our Barn Studio now!

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This ring comes in a Muslin Bag with belly band...
...or inside an engrave-able jewelry box!
The silver tree coming out of casting with the investment ready to be fizzled away!
A tree of Solvitur Ambulando rings ready to be cut away and finished!

Gold is Back! 

Now that we are settling into the new workshop at the barn, we are making gold jewelry again! All gold jewelry is made to order, which may take up to 4 weeks before shipping.

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Everywhere, Astonishments!

Night Walks: The ring works! I put one ring on Claire, an aspiring walker, (mine was already on), and we were off for a 3 mile night walk! These photographs are from our summer night walk — misty and even coolish, despite the day's sodden and heavy heat. I didn’t capture the creature sounds, which were perhaps even more astonishing!

Book: The Walk by Robert Walser

My Dad: Though I didn’t walk with him until this decade – my dad, who will be 80 this year, is also a walker. Or has become one – walking 50 miles a week!


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