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Sarah Dyer, one of my favorite picture book makers and illustrators, recently wrote a detailed and very informative review on our Sendak Artist Roll for the Jackson’s Art Supplies blog. She includes lots of photographs with her own art supplies, showing how she organizes them into her Sendak. It is a delight to see the Sendak well-loved, well-used, and from new perspectives. The link to her review is inside!

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Amy Voloshin, founder of Voloshin and PrintFresh, interviews Margaux and Peg and Awl! They got to talking all things small business, creativity, and balancing it all with motherhood and homeschooling.

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Where Women Create magazine published a full story on Margaux and Peg and Awl this past Summer! Read the full story here.

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August 20, 2019

Dwell included our Ellis Rolling Pin in their article 32 Sweet Gifts For Your Fearless Baker Friend Who Always Has Banana Bread on Hand.

 Ellis Rolling Pin by Peg and Awl | Photograph by Food52 (Ty Mecham & Rocky Luten)

Photograph by Food52 (Ty Mecham & Rocky Luten)

Peg and Awl Reclaimed Wood Rolling Pin
Get the dough rolling. There’s a reason we love gently tapered rolling pins like this one: They let you press out dough with a kind of precision that other types can’t match. Plus, they’re easy as pie to use—just press and roll with your palms.

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