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The Anniversary of Peg and Awl!

​Tin Type by Tyler Scaife 2011/2012. Tyler was one of our first employees and he helped us build the first woodshop (that we are standing in front of) in the backyard of our Philadelphia row home. Søren and Silas are here too, a blur, for the exposure was 45 seconds!

Our 13th Anniversary!

Walter and I started Peg and Awl on the 10th of January, 2010! According to my journal – which was blank – it was just a day like any other day. Though I’ve always kept a journal, I didn’t commit daily; a blank page now would absolutely denote a different kind of day! But as I sit, my butt pained by the raised root of this old Norway Spruce overlooking a cemetery on a seriously misplaced spring day, I think about how everyday is just another day, and too, how no days are just another day. It is perplexing, this life. Each day is a day to start something new, or a day to simply be. I am trying both.

–January 2020

Thank you for being here!

Walter and I write every newsletter and blog post, should you wish to reach out to us!

Though we forgot our anniversary date, we are daily grateful that the things we love to dream up, make, and use are enjoyed by others too – it keeps our creativity, spirits, and business going!

2023 will see us meandering off of familiar paths into unknown territory. A disruption is in order! Until then...

Some Things to Look Forward to in the Coming Year!

    Our Workspaces Through the Years!

    The Backyard Shoppe (2010–2012)
    Photograph by Chris Crisman
    The Peg and Awl House
    The Atlas Casket Factory (2012–2017)
    Photograph by Parikha Mehta
    The Current Shoppe (2016...)
    This is where our treasures are made!

    The Barn at the Five Acre Wood (2022...)

    Read about the Barn Renovation Project, here!

    I’ve been moving around The 5 Acre Wood looking for spot that is just right! Here I am in my first studio, which will sooon be a gallery space and showroom!

    A view of The Barn from the woodland.

    A portrait of our family when we first moved here – we are due for a new one...

    Walter takes his Scout Plein Air Box everywhere!
    As for me, journals and Sendaks are my constant companions.


    Some Good Things

    “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”
    –Robert Greene

    • Podcast: The full quote is so much more exciting than this misunderstood snippet. Have a listen to this episode of Simon Sinek’s A Bit of Optimism – he interviews the TSA head of socal media – Janis Burl. What a thrilling conversation about interruptions and zig zags! 


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