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The Brothers Kent Bookbinding

Søren and Silas having a go at making coverless journals for their homeschool science projects! 

These are the materials the boys are using:

1. Needle – bookbinding needles have roundy tips and big eyes, but most needles will work!
2. Thread – any thread will do. If it is super thin, double it up.
3. Pencil – grab your favourite pencil to plot your stitching holes.
4. Paper – this is for the inside. Do you like lined paper, sketch paper, the back of used paper, graph paper? Gather your favourites, mix ’em up or stick to one!
5. Thumbtack – or something sharp to poke holes through paper and cardstock.
6. Scissors – for snipping your thread.
7. Fabric – this will serve as your linens that will hold the book together. Happy treasure hunting!
8. Glue – to glue your fabric to the front and back covers of your book. Elmers works!

The boys are following the same process as in our Bookbinding Tutorial, Part Two, showing how to make your own coverless journal. Happy stitching!


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