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Bake House: Baker’s Half Dozen!

$174.00 $156.00

If you like the entire Bake House collection, we are now offering the Baker’s Half Dozen – 7 bags for the price of 6!

Our zero waste washable cotton bags were made after scouring our city’s best cafes for the most useful shapes in paper bags. Our Market bag – actually received with a dress within – is a wonderful shopping bag to suit whatever your needs may be!

These bags are intended to replace everyday common and disposable paper goods. A trip into the old-country proves, by today’s standards, thoroughly modern. To be sure, it was quite sensible to have along your sacks for the produce market and boulangerie as well as one for the frock shops!

Please note that the Baker’s Half Dozen is not eligible for discount codes or sales since it is already discounted.

- Locally sourced 100% cotton canvas
- Washable
- Includes all 7 bags



No. 1 Pastry
Inches: 6.25″ wide by 1.25″ deep by 8.5″ tall
Metric: 15.9 cm wide by 3.2 cm deep by 21.6 cm tall

No. 2 Snack
Inches: 5.125″ wide by 3.75″ deep by 8″ tall
Metric: 13.0 cm wide by 9.5 cm deep by 20.3 cm tall

No. 3 Wine
Inches: 6″ wide by 3.5″ deep by 15.5″ tall
Metric: 15.2 cm wide by 8.9 cm deep by 39.4 cm tall

No. 4 Baguette
Inches: 3.75″ wide by 2.25″ deep by 19″ tall
Metric: 9.5 cm wide by 5.7 cm deep by 48.3 cm tall

No. 5 Bread
Inches: 7″ wide by 4.75″ deep by 15.25″ tall
Metric: 17.8 cm wide by 12.1 cm deep by 38.7 cm tall

No. 6 Petit Market
Inches: 9.75″ wide by 7.25″ deep by 11.75″ tall
Metric: 24.8 cm wide by 18.4 cm deep by 29.8 cm tall

No. 7 Market
Inches: 13″ wide by 5.75″ deep by 21″ tall
Metric: 33.0 cm wide by 14.605 cm deep by 53.3 cm tall

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