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New Rogue Backpacks and Marlowe Carryalls!

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The Evolution Continues…

Our new and updated Rogue Backpacks and Marlowe Carryalls have been well-loved this summer. They’ve traveled from road trip to road trip, breaking in and evolving. Now we are coming to the end of our summer wanderings and are re-situating our bags, taking out bathing suits, sun block and errant rocks. We’ve turned the bags upside-down for a final tap, loosened the remaining bits of summer and refilled them with journals, pouches, pens and computers – just in time for Autumn.

The Rogue Backpack by Peg and Awl The Marlowe Carryall by Peg and Awl
The Rogue Backpack
The Marlowe Carryall

The launch of these two updated classics marks another milestone in the evolution of Peg and Awl. With the transition from using reclaimed WWII era gun straps for our leather handles to using locally-sourced vegetable-tanned leather, we are reaffirming the fellowship between ourselves and the materials with which we make. By creating beautiful and useful objects out of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, we strive to change the way that we as individuals make, use, repair and reuse everyday objects. As our new bags leave our Philadelphia workshop and arrive at your doorsteps, what adventures will they see in your hands and how will they transform to become truly yours?

We still have some Antique Leather Bags remaining in the shop – if you’ve been wanting one now is the time, as these final specimens are finding fast homes all over the world!

p.s. We always share our adventures via Instagram + Insta Stories @pegandawl @pegandawlbuilt and @thebrotherskent and soon will be more thorough in the telling on our blog!


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