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Sneak Peak into our Wintery 2023 Of a Kind Collection

Each new Of a Kind collection allows us to dig around and find treasures within treasures. Every discovery holds a bit of the past, and the story and marks accumulated. They are a joy to put together and harken back to the best part of our origin story – the gathering of old things and the reimagining and reworking of them into once again useful objects.

We have a handful of One of a Kind Custom* Pouch Sizes – this one is made with an 1800s Quilt Block! 
We have a selection of Hand-Bound Tintype Journals in this collection – read more below!

*Custom Pouch Size: We have 7 pouch sizes in our Peg and Awl catalog, but when we find a quilt block or scrap that is perfect as is, we make the pouch match its size!

Our Wintery 2023 Of a Kind Collection!

This Of a Kind launch was meant for last year, in Winter, but we got tangled in the decision we shared in our last newsletter (if you missed it, you can read here!) And so here we are, ending winter with an abundance of scrumptious old blacks and blues!

Excitingly, in the time between meant-to and are, we’ve added some fun extras, including gorgeous Handmade Ink by A Rural Pen, Tintype Journals, and Alternative Sketchbook Tins!

Have a wander through our collection of bags and pouches made with homespun linen, quilt blocks, prints from the 1800s, feedsacks, and 1930s dressmakers cotton, along with some of our favourite scraps of scraps, with which we made a variety of littles. Some of the bags are made with our classic waxed canvas colours, and others with our Autumn colours — so many hoorahs!

Here we are, ending winter with an abundance of wintry blues when all I feel is colour!

A Rural Pen Handmade Ink!
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This ink is handmade, bottled, labeled, and waxed by alchemist Thos. Little of A Rural Pen. I was so enamored with the ink, and when I learned I couldn’t purchase a bottle directly, I decided to order some for all of us! The ink is made using a historic formula of extracting and dissolving the iron from guns with Sumac, instead of Galls. The ink goes on as a pale, smoky, cool grey, and quickly oxidizes on the page; the shade and depth varies depending on the paper used.

This ink is for dip pens only – it cannot be used in fountain pens.

Note: The ink is hand bottled, labeled, and waxed. Some bottles have a little leakage through the wax. When you use the ink, it will also get on the label so please accept this possibility, as we do not consider it a defect.

Handmade Ink by A Rural Pen
Playing with the ink for the first time!
Testing this magical ink – drawing paper (Left) and watercolor paper (Right)!
Inky left-handed Witch Hazel – watch my drawing video, here!


Crossbody Bags made with Vintage Textiles!
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Standard Tote with Feedsack: Wylie
Mini Tote with 1800s Homespun: Edward
Small Hunter with 1800s Quilt Block: Astrid
Heavy homespun linen blanket transformed into a Hunter Satchel lined with Truffle.
I found two full bolts of this textile from the 1800s long ago. The width was 36" which was the width of the looms then. I've been savouring it, and we may have some small bits for bookbinding linens, but mostly, this is its last hoorah!
Hunter Satchels are my favourite hiking and flea market bag — carry only what you need!

Pouches made with Vintage Textiles!
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We’ve been finding so many gorgeous textiles at Flea Markets lately and have to tame the scale of each collection. We’ve transformed the gathering of patchwork and scrap into useful pouches, giving them new life.

These pouches are perfect for art supplies, make-up, and anything else that needs organizing in your bag or on your desk — they’re hard to be without and you can never have too many!

This feedsack was washed again and again until its printing faded to just a subtle reminder of days past. 

Custom Pouch with 1800s Quilt Block: Mackenzie
Essentials Pouch with 1800s Dressmaker’s Fabric: Dolly
We reserved some Elderberry before it sold out for this collection!
Scribbler Pouch with 1800s Antique Cotton: Sinclair
Keeper Pouch with 1930s Dressmaker’s Fabric: Delia
Spender Pouch with Early 1900s Scrap Bundle: William
Hand Stitched Custom Quilt Block – perfect for small things, fits inside our bags’ pockets!
Saver Pouch with Early 1900s Scrap Bundle: Joanna


Edgeworth Tin: Alternative Sketchbook!
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We have 6 blue tins in stock – they are nearly 100 years old and have varying degrees of rust and marks of past lives. Each tin comes with 100 sheets of Strathmore drawing paper in celebration of the upcoming 100 Day Project, which begins on February 22.

My Non-Dominant Hand 100 Day Project from Last Year

We don’t have many of these tins, and we are always looking for more, but in the meantime – grab your favourite tin, cut your favourite paper and voila! Here is our short video on cutting your own paper.


Tintype Journals!
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Read More About Tin Types!

One of a kind tintype journals are back! The cover is black vegetable-tanned leather, and is paired with some of our favourite antique black and white textiles from the 1800s. Beneath oval frames we’ve set enduring portraits of nameless faces newly christened. The insides, as always, are made of hand-stitched Strathmore drawing paper and work wonderfully with a variety of drawing and writing materials.

Standard Tintype Journal: Noam
Standard Tintype Journal: Gertrude
Companion Tintype Journal: Shirley + Jasper
Companion Tintype Journal: Ethel + Timmy

The Secret to a Good Flea (Market) Day is a Good Friend! 

Read the story that celebrates the discovery of some of the treasures in this collection at a Flea Market in the thick of the summer heat!


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