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Our Boys Document Creatures and Plants with their Specimen Card Notebooks!

Specimen Cards

I look forward to the coming weeks here, the hopeful explosion of plants! Until then, here are some Specimen Cards that Søren (15) and Silas (13) made for me for Christmas, which include a variety of plant friends and creature friends who share the land with us! 
See more of their work on Instagram: @sorenscoutkent and @koshooniart
We have Garter and Northern Water Snakes here...
And a variety and abundance of frogs and toads!
We also have a family of Painted Turtles!
All of these creatures live by and in the untended to ponds.
Our Pearl!
Piplup is the last of our many chickens and guineas. She has somehow survived the many attacks of foxes, &c.

At Home Exploration

We’ve returned home from Florida, where winter’s end, hormones, lawn talk, and chain stores wreaked havoc on my mood the first day. Fortunately, for myself and everyone around me, a walk around Wakodahatchee Wetlands quickly settled my inner chaos. Florida, like anywhere, can be so many things at once!

Back home, at the Five Acre Wood, Pearl and I awoke early to sunshine and went outside to visit all the plants’ changes during our weekend away. The three small Witch Hazel transplants survived: their tiny yellow flowers small and sparkly in the woodland. A few Squill, Hellebores, and Crocuses have flowered. Snowdrops have bloomed by the thousands, the snow drop math proving successful here though when I step back, the little clumps have a lot of multiplying to do before they change this comparatively expansive landscape! Even more Daffodils are about to burst, whilst Hepatica, Foam Flower, Geraniums, and other greenies have sent their distinct tops out of the soil and into the sun! A few years ago, I couldn’t have identified these plants by their flowers, and here I am, calling them by their names so soon. It feels magical, this ever-learning.

I’ve planted thousands of plants since we moved here five years ago. Some will take five years to bloom; others have already started on their journey, only to be destroyed by my rambunctious Pearl or over-eager deer families, hopping the fence when Pearl is elsewhere.

Snowdops by Silas
Jack-in-the-Pulpit by Søren
May Apple by Søren
Daffodils (most abundant) by Silas
Bamboo by Silas
Virginia Bluebell by Søren

* * * 

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Our Specimen Card Notebook!
Story on the back!
Some of the boys’ early drawings on the end pages!
It fits inside our Sendaks!


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