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On My Desk, Potatoes! Little By Little, A Little Becomes a Lot.

On My Desk, Potatoes!

A little On My Desk for this weekend! I usually use an Almond Mini Sendak, but today I borrowed spice – a new one – crispy clean and on my messy desk.

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” –Tanzanian Proverb

My friend Katie and I started writing a poem a day on the 25th April of this year. I’ve been filling my Orra notebook with them. We have well over 200 poems between us! Each day I put an envelope in my mailbox and lift the flag, feels like a solidly good start. As always, there is so much magic in the little things!

Potato Dreams

In my dream,
there were potatoes.
Not in my dream, too.
I moved the dirt,
and found a potato.
Red. Red. Dirt. Potato.
Red. Yellow. Dirt. Potato.
Abundance, from old,
forgotten potatoes.
Under the horseradish,
In the sea of dirt,
and slugs,
and roots,
Red. Red. Dirt. Potato.
An endless abundance
moves into dreams,
like Tetris.

I wanted to write about
but instead,
I write about potatoes.
Sometimes we must follow the current is all.
We can’t always make waves.

18 August 2023

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Everywhere, Astonishments!

This Chestnut Delight was left in our Philadelphia building with other delicious pieces of old furniture in various states of over-use and decline. This one was missing her bottom rails, and the drawers drifted down, heavy with neglect. I scrubbed her clean and Bartram-Balmed her, whilst Walter chiseled out broken tenons and sistered antique oak and chestnut in place.

How I love Frankensteined objects, and how they live on! Hoorah!

And whilst celebrating potatoes, I am reminded of the chapter celebrating them in Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire.

As always, if you have any questions, just comment below! 


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