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Oh, the Ways to Fill a Sendak Artist Roll!

Waxed Canvas Utility Roll for Clay and Ceramic Tools

A Ramble About Clay and My New Moss Sendak! 

We designed the Sendak for drawing and writing, and I have used mine for that since 2016. But my recent tumble into clay gave me a reason to choose another colour, and gather some new-to-me tools to fill it!

The Cob Studio, a hand-sculpted earthen building with a living roof
Inside the Cob Studio, a hand-sculpted earthen building with a living roof
My introduction to clay was inside of this big yellow clay pot!
Cara Graver’s Cob Studio, a time traveling adventure.

‘“Who in the world am I?” Ah, that’s the great puzzle.’

–from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I used to drive around and explore flea markets, find abandoned houses, and take photographs with a heavy Hasselblad that hung around my neck and bruised my chest. I had a car full of props and costumes, and bags for collecting abandoned house treasures like dresses, photographs, and letters. I didn’t count minutes or hours – I just sang and let the wind move through me as I drove. I’d drop off film and wait a week or more to pick it up – the time between was for thinking. Returning to the camera shop for my 12 square prints and negatives filled me with wild anticipation and gratification for the ongoingness.

This pacing of days somehow became a forgotten, foggy past – until I found clay and Cara’s studio. I began with directions that didn’t lead to the right road in the woods. I wandered amongst tulip poplars in the wintry dimness, looking for an oversized handmade pot, where the ‘open studio’ that I signed up for was about to commence.

When I found it, everything quieted. The ‘building’ was yellow and otherworldly – out of a book, another time, or imagination. As I do, I wandered around, taking it all in with an abundance of questions and shutter clicks. Inside, there were no corners. Diffused light poured in through reclaimed windows, each a different size and each with a deep windowsill. The wood-burning stove cut the chill in the air – I could have stayed for days.

I chose a seat, and got to clay-ing.

After the making was the waiting. As I returned the next week to pick up my fired treasures, I was reminded of the days when I used to drive around and explore flea markets, find abandoned houses, and take photographs with a heavy Hasselblad that hung around my neck and bruised my chest.

Inside The Cob Studio, a hand-sculpted earthen building with a living roof
The Cob Studio bathroom, a hand-sculpted earthen building with a living roof
The wood burning stove kept us all warm and cozy during a bit of a flurry.
The composting toilet, outside in the cold, was a kind of treat!

The Sendak Artist Roll

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We plan to interview artists and makers who use the Sendak, and share their stories and work. Until then, enjoy Darla’s well-worn Sendak that has been accompanying her for 8 years!


all black waxed canvas and leather tool roll filled with ceramics tools


Photograph by Darla Jackson
All Black Sendak Artist Roll


Stacks of useful, everyday bags handmade with Waxed Canvas and Leather


Sendak Artist Roll
in Red Maple

I love this little treasure spot in our City Workshop – soon to be the home of someone new as we move our workshop to the Barn here at the Five Acre Wood!

sendak artist roll made with limited red waxed canvas, filled with writing supplies
sendak artist roll made out of red waxed canvas with vegetable-tanned leather strap
Photograph by Catharine Mi-Sook
We are nearing the end of our adored, but limited, Red Maple Sendaks!

And, of course, our classic colours are here to stay!


sendak mini artist rolls in a rainbow of waxed canvas colors

The Mini Sendak Artist Roll

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“The Sendak Mini Artist Roll is attractive, functional, clever, rugged, and very well made. My wife was thrilled with it and immediately stocked it with with an array of items for impromptu sketching and watercolor painting while out adventuring. It holds a good number of pens, pencils, brushes, erasers, watercolors, tubes, etc. This is our third Peg & Awl purchase and we have been delighted each time. These items are obviously made to last, to be used and cherished for many years as they get more and more attractive with the patina of age. They are very well made and definitely worth every penny! Thank you for making such great products.” ​–Matt C.

Shop the Sendak Mini Artist Roll

waxed canvas mini sendak utility roll for crochet supplies and needles
waxed canvas mini sendak utility roll for knitting supplies and needles
Photograph by Maryse M.
Almond Mini Sendak for Crocheters
Photograph by Alice O.
Slate Mini Sendak for Knitters

We love to see how you fill your Sendaks!
These two photographs are from reviews – we so appreciate little glimpses into your worlds...


Inside the Sendak...

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Easy DIY bookbinding kit on a wooden desk
wooden paint palette on wooden desk with pen rests and vintage dip pen
4” Anselm Bookbinding Kit
Tilda Painter’s Palette
Thin Paper Sketchbook fitting into the back pocket of waxed canvas artist roll
Brush rest trio made from reclaimed American chestnut with vintage dip pen
Orra Portrait Sketchbook
Brush Rest Trio

Watch our Walkthrough of the Sendak Artist Roll!

We’ve watched all of the YouTube reviews of our Sendak (thank you!) and have made our own video to answer some questions and share our experiences.

Blog: Our Sendak Walkthrough

Our Of a Kinds!

We have some treasures left from our past Of a Kind collections!

Shop Of a Kinds

A Rural Pen Ink
Essential Pouch with 1800s Dressmaker’s Fabric: Sylvia
Standard Tote with Feedsack: Winnie
Foundlings Original Art: Solidago
Essential Pouch with 1930s Textile Adlai
Small Hunter with 1800s Quilt Block: Bonnie

Everywhere, Astonishments!

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Snowdrops! They arrived a little early here – these small wonders are always a treasure to happen upon!
Søren’s 100 Days of Tiny Worlds is starting off strong. Here is Day 2.


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