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My Warwick Weekend – An Impromptu Escape with Claire Rosen and Emma Mierop

Fields of lavender at the Warwick Furnace Farm

My Warwick Weekend.

Last month I spent a weekend at the Warwick Furnace Farm for a much needed impromptu escape with Claire Rosen (one of the farm’s sisters) and Emma Mierop of Skippy Cotton. We planned to take our worlds apart and put them back together again, but we only got as far as:

Taking our worlds apart over snacks and long lavender soaked discussions,
going for a long walk on a cold, star bright night,
understanding that a thing taken apart nearly always reveals more than expected, and therefore takes longer to put back together,
and nebulous plans for a next time.

I also made some pretty classic Margaux messes everywhere I went. Claire seemed unbothered. See my dribblings and droppings below:

Candlelit kitchen table with Sendak Artist Roll and books
Person holding handmade sketchbook at desk with art supplies
I do have a LOT of the things we make with me when I go anywhere. We make them to use them and use them I do! Here is my Sendak and my nearly finished Large Tome.
I awoke first and did my morning pages in Claire’s time-travely kitchen – oh, to be somewhere else is such a luxury!


Waxed Canvas Sendak Artist Roll filled with pencils and pens with handmade sketchbook


dopp kit handmade of red waxed canvas
handmade messenger bag on wooden chair
I love our radish canvas color, but we are discontinuing it to make space for new things. I have a variety of our radish bags, 'tis yummy faded pink!
The Finch has always been my favourite bag – I carry mine everyday – next in line are Hunter and Rogue equally!
unpacking my weekender duffle bag, backpack, and dopp kit
reusable waxed canvas everyday bag hanging in hallway
I've been stuffing and hauling my radish Weekender for years!
Claire keeps her Truffle Marlowe by the door. This is a bag that most of my friends and family have – an easy, everyday companion! 
Should we make a few in our new Autumnal colours?
Lavender bunches in the kitchen at warwick furnace farm
What a treat to have a morning like this!
Lavender everywhere! 
I also love my Duckfeet Boots!
Piles of things on the floor. I settle in quickly...

Pearl and Honey enjoyed their freedom and new found friendship!


Warwick Furnace Farm

Claire and her family moved to Pennsylvania and started a Lavender farm where they make a variety of Lavender Delights, host an Artist’s Retreat, have an inspiring Gallery Space, etc. In addition to their combined love of Lavender, each family member follows their own varied passions in this magical space that they’ve created. Their farm is a short, beautiful drive from us…

Here are a few photographs of Claire’s fantastical and elaborate photographed worlds – her own individual passion.

Skippy Cotton

Emma’s shop is a delight! She combines her drawings, embroidery, and whimsy to form her own House of Curiosities! From ornaments to clothing to artist supplies – have a peek into her wondrous world. She has also navigated her way into the world of AI art and has made some enviable pieces with it (another can of worms we discussed with exuberance)!

Skippy Cotton's year-round ornaments!
Which of course also look splended on a Christmas Tree!

Fragile Earth Exhibit at the Brandywine River Museum

Claire surprised us with a visit!

Mark Dion
Ever a favourite, Søren and I spent an especially long time with his work, chortling and sighing, and all manner of involuntary noise making...So maybe I was a little noisier than Søren.

James Prosek
We investigated James’s mysteries close enough to set off alarms – lucky for us, there weren’t any.

Jennifer Angus
An abundance of bugs and tiny stories built into boxes and wall pieces. Everyone clambered to take in as much detail as possible; no one wanted to leave.


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