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Love Notes, Lists, and Doodles

Chalk Pad by Peg and Awl

Love Notes, Lists, and Doodles

I entered a room Walter had just left and found on the floor a scrap of lumber – a cut off from a Tub Caddy I think – with a list on it. It fit perfectly in my hand. I ran outside to the backyard shop and within the hour we had our first iteration of the Chalk Tablet! This was nearly 10 years ago (Ten!).

Today our Chalk Tablets and Pads are still loved and completely relevant. They look great, and can be used for years, eliminating paper waste from love notes, reminders and countless lists. Now we’ve found a way to make them even better – we’ve replaced the chalk paint with a laminate chalk surface. It is both easier to clean and better for the environment! With this new surface, forget all of my warnings about not giving the chalk pencil to your little ones – this surface is pretty hard to destroy!

Chalk Tablet by Peg and Awl Chalk Pad by Peg and Awl
Chalk Tablet
Chalk Pad


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