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New BIG Journals and Weekenders

Peg and Awl in Venice


This time of year has our hearts yearning for elsewhere. We packed our Weekenders – the first with the new veg tanned leather* – with journals, books, stuffed Sendaks and clothes and took off for Italy - first to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, then to Venice! We spent our days wandering the city streets – playing, sketching, and indulging in pizza and gelato. The new sounds and fresh perspective ignited a spark that our long winter had snuffed out. Our purpose for 11 days was to just be.

The Companion Journal by Peg and Awl Weekender by Peg and Awl
Companions Harper + Jackson
Weekender with Veg Tanned Leather

Journals and Journaling

I bought my first big journal in Venice after graduating from high school. It fell apart fairly quickly and its undoing revealed to me the secrets of bookbinding. I was determined to make a book that could withstand the abuse of everyday use and stuffing.

After a lot of trial and error I did it – and I’ve made a lot of journals since. At Peg and Awl we’ve offered a variety of sizes but the request for large journals is persistent. Finally – our Companion size, the first of our big journals is here!

The Rogue Backpack by Peg and Awl Bologna, Italy
Silas in my Rogue
Bologna, view from a tower!
Venice, Italy The Rogue Backpack by Peg and Awl
Walking in Venice
Søren with Little Rogue
Weekender by Peg and Awl
“No More Cameras!”

This morning in Philadelphia, the sun shines brightly, the birds are singing, and the flowers are bursting out of the dirt. I’m content to find a spot in the woods, open a Sendak and draw all day long… I am documenting the flowers I see in my #100dayproject on Instagram @thebrotherskent – ’tis a yearly project that begins April 3rd – it’s not too late to jump in!

*we have a few Antique Leather Weekenders remaining on the site – if you’ve been wanting one now is the time as these and all of the rest of our antique leather bags are finding fast homes all over the world!


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