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NEW Natural History Collection

The Anna Atkins Collection by Peg and Awl

Our new collection, inspired by the work of Anna Atkins (1799-1871).
A collaboration with the New York Public Library.

Worlds open up. Always. A constant flurry of curious human beings, their voices quite muffled from the years gone by, drift my way. I hadn’t heard the name Anna Atkins until the New York Public Library asked us to collaborate on a collection of treasures inspired by her work. I’ve been wrapped up in her ever since.

Anna Atkins was the first person to use photography to illustrate a book. Note – NOT the first woman, but the first human! She was an incredible illustrator and had illustrated some books for her father, but the discovery of Cyanotypes sent her into a new obsession. She began making photographic images of her extensive seaweed collection in 1843. She created thousands of cyanotypes and sent them to libraries and other institutions in the mid-1800s for their collections – many of which remain today, including, of course, the collection at the New York Public Library!

If you can make it to the New York City, stop in and see the exhibit!

Anna Atkins Keeper Pouch: Fucus vesiculosus by Peg and Awl Anna Atkins Medium Desk Caddy: Chordaria flagelliformis by Peg and Awl
Laser-Engraved Seaweed Keeper Pouch
Laser-Engraved Seaweed Desk Caddy
Anna Atkins Small Desk Caddy: Dictyota dichotoma by Peg and Awl Anna Atkins Pocket Journal by Peg and Awl
Seaweed Decoupage Desk Caddy
Pocket Journals with Seaweed
Anna Atkins Large Book Necklace: Cystoseira fibrosa by Peg and Awl Anna Atkins Medium Book Necklace: Grateloupia filicina by Peg and Awl
Limited Vintage Leather Seaweed Engraved Book Necklace
Limited Vintage Leather Seaweed Engraved Book Necklace


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