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Sneak Peek into Our Autumn 2022 Of a Kind Collection!

Small Hunter Satchel incorporating an antique bank bag! 
Patching old holes in well-worn canvas gives celebrated emphasis on the lives old things have lived. 

Scroll Down to Preview the Collection!

This morning, in my journal, I was contemplating the complexities of the fine point of balance when running a small business. These last few years – before the pandemic, through the thick of it, and this lingering now — have given us so much variety, forcing that fine point to dance like phosphorescence beneath a moving boat at night, engaging us to consider potential nexts. I move my journal to the floor — there being no more space on the crowded, trash-picked table, in a window filled with plants and the morning’s light pushing through the trees. The table is piled high with projects that I am longing to get to. Our actual kitchen table – a big farmhouse table a few feet away, is full as well, as I’ve decided to photograph our Of a Kind collection upon it, despite my family's grumbling. We push piles to the side so we can squeeze onto a small end of the long table for dinner.

Are you, too, feeling a multitude of dreamings leftover from the time-abundant early pandemic days?

     Books still longing to be read? (on the table)

     Sketchbooks and journals begging for a scribbling in, a finishing up? (on the table)

     Trails wanting walked and biked upon daily? (bits from them, on the table)

I am breathless, dreaming of the possibilities that crowd my living space.
I merge the dreaming with the practical(ish) when I can. I was able to lure my family into the woods for a walk with Pearl, and a simultaneous photo shoot of some of the One of a Kind bags. We danced and high-beamed around the ruins of a mill along the path. The autumn air and the freedom to wander, feels like an absolute luxury — and is! But it is only one part of the long process of bringing our Of a Kind collections to life and running a small business in general.

Fortunately, Pearl loves partaking in the weird things we do!

Had a hearty laugh as I tried to keep Pearl happy, bat mosquitos away, block the streak of sunlight following the bags, and was photobombed by this crew in the ruins!
Søren, caught off guard in photographs, often channels Captain Jack Sparrow! 

The Secret to a Good Flea (Market) Day is a Good Friend! 

Read the story that celebrates the discovery of some of the treasures in this collection at a Flea Market in the thick of the summer heat!

Treasures found at a Flea Market! (These pens may find their way into a collection soon!)
Some of the antique textiles I found that day have been transformed for this upcoming collection!

Our Autumn Of a Kind Collection!

Our third Of A Kind Collection of 2022 is a celebration of the afterlife of already long-loved objects. It contains One of a Kind bags made with antique, well-worn re-constructed seed, feed, and bank bags, Antique Tin alternative sketchbooks (and re-fill packs for a past favourite due to many inquiries!), and some pouches, which are always a favourite. Every discovery holds a bit of the past, and the story and marks accumulated. They are a joy to put together and harken back to the best part of our origin story – the gathering of old things and the reimagining and reworking of them into once again useful objects.

Photograph by Søren of me with an Of a Kind mini tote made from a vintage Timothy Grass Seed Bag.

Søren, Pearl, and I went out for a walk on a trail we normally bike on. Slower, we noticed new things.

Mini Totes made with Vintage Textiles!

We’ve transformed vintage seed and feed sacks found at a Flea Market this past summer! So many scrumptious textures, fadings, holes, and repairs are evident in this collection!

We’ve cleaned and cut and paired the vintage bags with waxed and vegetable tanned leather, making our classic and loved bags into One of a Kind treasures!

Journal Excerpt – I lingered at Leonard’s flea market table, unfolding and refolding seed and feed bags used over and over until disposable bags replaced them in the 1960s. The textiles on Leonard’s table were washed and faded and soft. He couldn’t hear very well so I had to get extra close or raise my voice to communicate. He smiled a gentle smile with each shout. I left with arms filled with vintage bags, eager to imagine them anew.

Mini Tote made from Vintage Canvas, with waxed canvas details, and vegetable-tanned leather.
Details of the print – 45 lbs. 
The colour of the Timothy bag is robust! A lovely burst of the unexpected. 
A daily, or every-now-and-then bag?
Our Minis are delightful for everyday carry – bring only what you need!
This Alfalfa bag has glorious texture and colour!
I didn't know about this sneaky kitty until I got home, my favourite?
Codes abound. 
These are all lined with waxed canvas.
The textures and fading of this printing is delicious.
How many of these treasures are still hiding in the world? Are houses still coming down with attics full of lives past?


Standard Totes made with Vintage Textiles!

I just love Søren in the background here, unintentional mimicry!
Pigeon Feed! Tell me more, please. 
Details on the Vintage Textile of the Pigeon Tote.
Standard Tote with Vintage Canvas: Pigeon
Standard Tote with Vintage Canvas: Salt
The vintage textile is on the front pocket – the rest is our Truffle waxed canvas.
These chickens might be my favourite! 
Standard Tote with Vintage Canvas: Chicken
Standard Tote with Vintage Canvas: Fulton No. 1 
Inside the tote!
A view of the inside pockets, showing the lightweight spice waxed canvas! 
I love the repairs and added character!


Vintage Textile Pouches!

It is hard to resist old printed cottons and feedsacks from the early 1900s on flea market tables. We’ve transformed the gathering of patchwork and scrap into useful pouches, giving them new life.

We’ve constructed pouches in shades of feuille morte!
Russets and Rosies, Goldenrods and Evergreen, still vibrant, though the textiles are nearly a century old!
Essentials Pouch with 1930s Textile: Adlai
Spender Pouch with 1930s Feedsack: Tamar
Keeper Pouch with 1940s Textile: Orah
Keeper Pouch with 1930s Textile: Ariel



Alternative Sketchbooks!

Ginger Tin!

This vintage Ginger Tin makes a great alternative sketchbook for small projects. We’ve filled them with 100 sheets of laser cut Strathmore Drawing paper. Put the tin in the outside pocket of a Sendak, or a pouch, and head out to draw! The portability makes sketching ever-accessible, and the shape makes a good drawing feel complete!

I've been using my Ginger Tin for paint for years, but a new project lead to another idea...
Tear or Seed? Read the story on Substack!


Cloverine Alternative Sketchbooks!

We are excited to offer a handful of vintage Cloverine Alternative Sketchbooks in this Collection! Each tin comes with 200 sheets of Fabriano hot press watercolour paper. These morsels fit inside the Sendak, making sure you always have some of the finest paper on hand! Additional packs of pre-cut paper can be ordered separately or as an add-on.


Cloverine Alt Sketchbook
We will have some packs of water colour paper that fit the Cloverine Alt Sketchbook!


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Love the music on the preview, and so enjoy watching the process. I didn’t see the solvitur ambulando ring I am sooooo looking forward to😉, but I am keeping out close watch! Thanks for sharing.

Yes! So many of all the things to make and do! I am trying to trade the pressing for gratitude-for lists ( they speak all of the “to do’s”, but also hint of vision), for the piles, everywhere (so much abundance), for the aches and pains, for I am an old lady now (a body that can still do and live and move and have being)! Grateful for all the things. And grateful for you all and the beautiful vessels of new and old things wrought by your vision and the work of many hands and hearts. They remind us. They connect us.
Thank you.
(the upcoming of a kinds are so lovely!!!)