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Sneak Peak into our Springy 2023 Of a Kind Collection

Small pouch bags with zipper handmade with waxed canvas and reclaimed vintage fabric

Each new Of a Kind collection allows us to dig around and find treasures within treasures. Every discovery holds a bit of the past, and the story and marks accumulated. They are a joy to put together and harken back to the best part of our origin story – the gathering of old things and the reimagining and reworking of them into once again useful objects.

We have a handful of journals covered with Antique Leather Postcards!
We have a selection of crossbody bags made with our limited canvas colors and vintage textiles!

Our Springy 2023 Of a Kind Collection!

Happy Spring! We are getting outside, digging in the dirt, and being surprised again at the bounty of colour, texture, and wonder of the season.

This Spring collection has a different color palette than we are used to here – a Spring of the past, which is familiar, but also a palette of Peg and Awl’s past. As we are working through the layers of the shop, we are finding so many good treasures once buried, like the beloved Antique Leather postcards. We have an abundance of small treasures, as well as some particularly special bags and colour arrangements!

Have a wander through our collection of bags and pouches made with homespun linen, a delightful variety of quilt blocks – these are much older and remind me of my childhood. There are also 1960s hardware store aprons, feedsacks, and 1930s dressmakers cotton, along with some of our favourite scraps of scraps, with which we made a variety of littles. Some of the bags are made with our classic waxed canvas colours, and others with our limited Autumn canvas colours – so many hoorahs!

Alt Sketchbook: International Dial Co.
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We have a few blue Watch Part tins in stock – they are nearly 100 years old and have varying degrees of rust and marks of past lives. Each tin comes with 100 sheets of Fabriano Watercolor Paper, cut to size!

My Non-Dominant Hand 100 Day Project from Last Year

We don’t have many of these tins, and we are always looking for more, but in the meantime – grab your favourite tin, cut your favourite paper and voilà! Here is our short video on cutting your own paper.


Crossbody Bags made with Vintage Textiles!
iew in Our Shop 

The more I return to the same flea market, the more I know where to look and find treasures in overlooked corners. These feed and sugar sacks, tool belts, and homespun make magical fun of our classic bags!

Mini Tote with Vintage Homespun German Pillow Sham: Francis
Standard Tote with Vintage Feedsack: Laurel
Mini Tote with Vintage Hardware Store Canvas Half Apron: Moose
Heavy homespun German pillow sham transformed into a Classic Tote lined with Fog.
Classic Tote with Vintage Feedsack: Heidi
For those city dwellers, travelers and others wanting more security, the Totes have a separating zipper that tucks neatly in the bag when not needed.
Mini Tote with Vintage Sugar Sack: Sugar No. 2
Mini Tote with Vintage Sugar Sack: Sugar No. 1

Pouches made with Vintage Textiles!
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We’ve been finding so many gorgeous textiles at Flea Markets lately that we must tame the scale of each collection. We’ve transformed the gathering of patchwork and scrap into useful pouches, giving them new life.

These pouches are perfect for littles that need organizing. As for me, I recently used mine to gather some Persimmon seeds from the wild! They’re hard to be without and you can never have too many!

These patchwork quilts appear to have been made by two, now three, sets of hands. The small squares were first hand-stitched – they were next put together with a machine, then waiting for me to scoop them up and have Tori make them into pouches with waxed canvas lining and backing.

*Custom Pouch Sizes in this Collection: We have 7 pouch sizes in our Peg and Awl catalog, but when we find a quilt block or scrap that is perfect as is, we make the pouch match its size!

Custom Pouch with Vintage Quilt Blocks: Peecha
Custom Pouch with Antique Hand-Stitched Quilt Block: Cass
Custom Pouch with Antique Hand-Stitched Quilt Block: Maeve
The greens are lined with our Fog waxed canvas!
Custom Pouch with Antique Hand-Stitched Quilt Block: Morley
Custom Pouch with Antique Hand-Stitched Quilt Block: Lucia
Custom Pouch with Vintage Quilt Blocks: Elke
Spender Pouch with Vintage Feedsack: Maude


Alternative Sketchbook: Chartreuse Watch Parts Tin!
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I couldn’t resist this colour and the mini size. Tuck it in your Sendak and come what may! The smallness makes painting ever-accessible, and the shape makes a good painting feel complete!

Antique Postcard Journals!
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One of a kind Antique Postcard mini journals are back! The cover is made simply, from antique leather postcards which bear incredible old handwriting, postmarks, and on some, a stamp! The insides, as always, are made of hand-stitched Strathmore drawing paper and work wonderfully with a variety of drawing and writing materials.

Antique Postcard Journal: No. 4
Antique Postcard Journal: No. 16
These postcards are covered in handwriting, markings, and sometimes stamps!
As with all our journals, these are hand-stitched!
These minis are each one of a kind, covered with a unique postcard!
These are made with Strathmore drawing paper and work wonderfully with a variety of drawing and writing materials.


The Secret to a Good Flea (Market) Day is a Good Friend! 

Read the story that celebrates the discovery of some of the treasures in this collection at a Flea Market in the thick of the summer heat!


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