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Summer 2022 Of A Kind Collection

Our second Of A Kind Collection of 2022 is bursting with character! Each of these collections allows us to dig around and find treasures within treasures. Every discovery holds a bit of the past, and the story and marks accumulated. They are a joy to put together and harken back to the best part of our origin story – the gathering of old things and the reimagining and reworking of them into once again useful objects.

Mini Tote with Vintage Textile!

Walter and I went on our first road trip together in 2008 and stopped at flea markets along the way. We found two old wooden cots (that I had to have) with these magical stripy textiles. It took more then a decade for them to find their place - and the result is well worth the wait!

P.S. We've decided the stripe is neither orange nor red, but rather, vermillion! Thank you @sarahdyer and everyone else for suggestions!

Watch the video showing the behind the scenes of these Mini Totes, including the waxing process, here!

Mini Tote made from Vintage Canvas, with waxed canvas details, and vegetable-tanned leather.
The Minis have a detachable zipper! 
We love the marks and character of the material's past!
This well-loved canvas has some perfect patching inside!
Our Minis are delightful for everyday carry – bring only what you need!
The canvas is from a vintage wooden cot.

Vintage Textile Pouches!

We use a variety of materials and objects gathered from flea markets, abandoned buildings, and wherever else we can find them. The soft and worn oranges, reds, and sea green combined with the repairs and stitching, made this vintage kantha an irresistible edition to our summer collection!

Watch the process video, here!


Scholar Pouch with Vintage Repaired Kantha: Gabriella
Details of these soft and worn oranges!
These are all lined with waxed canvas.
Maker Pouch with Vintage Repaired Kantha: Ophelia
Maker Pouch with Vintage Repaired Kantha: Lolita
We love seeing the repairs and stitching from hands past!
Vintage zippers on the essentials pouches accompany the vintage textile!
Essentials Pouch with Vintage Feedsack: Enid


Indigo Hunters!

We unearthed these Hunters from a collection from the past. They were boxed when we moved – and forgotten! We made them with a gorgeous striped African Mudcloth paired with truffle waxed canvas. The straps are made from vintage WWII era leather!


Large Hunter with African Indigo Mudcloth front!
You can see the repairs and stitching from past hands!
This textile was hand-dyed with fermented mud into these beautiful indigo stripes. 
Vintage WWII era leather strap!
A view of the back, showing the truffle waxed canvas! 
The finishing detail on the interior pocket!


Foundlings Originals!

The Foundlings. One of our most beloved and delicious flea market discoveries of creatures drawn and painted upon nests of scritchy-scratchy hand-written ledgers and lessons by unknown hands. We poured over the drawings — the originals — and selected a few to set free to adorn homes and feed curious souls!

Foundlings Original Art: Antigonon
Foundlings Original Art: Bergamot
Foundlings Original Art: Gladwyn
Foundlings Original Art: Pomelo
Foundlings Original Art: Figwort
Foundlings Original Art: Briar


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A beautiful warm summer collection—with yet again; sweet interesting stories attached.