The Peg and Awl House

The Peg and Awl House is now on AirBNB!

The transformation of our former Fishtown, Philadelphia home and studio space into The Peg and Awl House is complete! Each room contains Peg and Awl treasures for guests to enjoy during their stay, including our first official furniture collection which will be available in the fall!


The Past

Our 3 Story Victorian Wonder was built in 1855 and has undergone many changes and identities over the years.

In the 1920s it was the home of a bootlegger – the elegant front staircase embraces a small hole for the tap of a barrel still hidden in the basement rafters to house the illicit hooch. After prohibition, a new couple moved in who would later give birth to Fishtown’s Boo Radley. The house was then divided into apartments. Boo (who was over 6ft tall and wore all black) lived in the front room (now the library) when he was older and his parents had passed.

In 1985, The House was purchased by a high school woodshop teacher who trash picked historic doors and windows considered garbage by the neighbors who dumped them, and plucked treasures from the many abandoned houses that peppered the neighborhood. He used his finds to restore it closer to its former – albeit frankensteined with the well-worn once scattered parts – self.

In 2007, I came into the picture with the intention (pre-Airbnb) of travelling the world via house-swap on Craigslist. That plan stopped before it began when I met Walter a month later and we began dreaming together. He moved in within a week of our first encounter and the House became our Home – where we raised Søren and Silas and started Peg and Awl.


The Now

Twelve years later, The House that inspired so many of the objects that we make, from our kitchen collection to our stationery collection, has been transformed it into a Peg and Awl world that we are excited to share with all of you!

The Library at The Peg and Awl House The Master Beadroom at The Peg and Awl House
The Library
featuring the Foundlings Collection
The Master Bedroom
featuring the Stationery Collection
The Kitchen at The Peg and Awl House The Bathroom at The Peg and Awl House
The Kitchen
featuring the Kitchen Collection
The Bathroom
featuring the Bath Collection
The Study at The Peg and Awl House The Second Bedroom at The Peg and Awl House
The Study
featuring the Waxed Canvas Tote
The Second Bedroom
featuring the Weekender