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Uncovering Time Capsules

Vintage fabric waxed canvas pouch collection handmade by peg and awl

"But nothing's lost. Or else: All is translation and every bit of us is lost in it." 
- James Merrill


Our next Of a Kind Summer Pouch and Journal collection (2020) features some vintage fabrics from bundles, feedsacks, unfinished quilts, bolts of indigo from the 1800s and more. They are limited to the number of pouches we were able to make from each reclaimed piece.

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Stacks and rolls of colorful antique fabric

One Spring, I found small bundles of utilitarian textiles from the late 1800s—early 1900s under a table at a flea market. Each little bundle, when open, reveals the negative space of a homemade dress—no piece was too small to save.

The first time I encountered these tied up treasures was at an abandoned house. The red and white striped bundle was tucked into a drawer with so many other keepsakes wrapped up in newspapers from the 1950s, a time capsule from part of a life. I gathered what I could and returned many times until finally the house was just scattered bits of insides mixed with rubble in an open field. I used the red and white striped cotton pieces to line my own journals so many years ago and we have brought this detail into our Peg and Awl journals. 

Uncovering these bundles that have endured for more than a century is so strangely inspiring in our throwaway society. Someone saved them for something—did they ever imagine how the future opener of their curious legacy would make use of them a century later? 

Piles, stacks, and rolls of vintage fabrics for pouches and journals by Peg and Awl

Watch the video of our Summer 2021 Of a Kind Collection!


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