Boy swinging on handmade wooden tree swing

"A 5 is shaped like a 5.
It looks like a 5.
And people called it a 5
for years and years.
It is perfect."
- Silas Kent, age 5 


We've been making a lot of tree swings this year as everyone, both young and old, have been navigating fun at home.

Before Peg and Awl, we made a rope tree swing for our boys. It was something they never grew weary of and has long since become a thing many never grow out of. 

As summer turns to autumn, we are finding small escapes, but we never grow weary of swinging in the backyard! Now, we are preparing to set up our swing at the Five Acre Wood, as our barn space is ready for use. When you're ready to join in the merriment, we have a video demonstrating how to hang your tree swing.

Handmade Wooden Tree Swing by Peg and Awl

Handmade Rope Tree Swing for the Backyard by Peg and Awl

Little boy swinging on wooden tree swing