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The Scout Plein Air Box Video Walkthrough

Chapters of The Scout Plein Air Box Video Walkthrough

0:00 Features of the Box
5:02 Setting Up the Box for Painting
11:12 Mounting on a Tripod (Walter uses one by Peak Design)
11:46 Filling the Paint Tubes
13:53 The Scout for Everyday Use


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I received the Plein Air Box for my birthday and I choose the watercolor version. The mixing panel (and watercolor panel works very well). Having 2 water bottles – one for general use and one for cleaning brushes is very nice. There is room in the one drawer for my watercolor tubes… small and medium size watercolor tubes work well. Moreover, I do not limit my canvas to the one’s that come with the box. Landscapes canvases of small, mid size… are easy to attach and work with. I usually paint on 5½" x 8¼" or 3½" x 5½" landscape or 5½" x 5½" square… and they all fit well on the top of the box. The paint brushes off to the side is handy and easy to access. I use a tripod (one that I bought and use for photography and I did not need to buy a new ball…. the threads are standard and appear to work for all standard camera threaded tripods (I have a Sony camera, but Canon or Nikon cameras threaded tripods I suspect would be the same – uniform standard.). Quality is there and it feels so natural being out painting watercolor Plein Air. Thanks for crafting this gem. Paul F Mpls, MN.

Walter, can you share which colors you use for plein air painting?

Watching this video and hearing what you had to say about how it has encouraged you to learn to paint and paint more was a lovey bit of inspiration for myself to do the same. I can hardly wait for it to arrive and I can take it out and explore. Because I live in Canada, it is definitely going to take a bit of warmer weather to encourage me out of doors but I am eager to try!

Hi, this looks gorgeous. I was wondering about the easel. Obviously it’s designed for the one size board but assuming that you had an additional canvas box could it support other sizes of boards at all? Obviously nothing large, but I like to play with canvas orientation and dimensions and am a bit turned off by the one size fits all aspect, even though in every other respect it seems perfect. Thanks!!

Hi Cindy, The Scout is absolutely beautiful and works for watercolours. I have a small watercolour travel kit that fits in the top drawer. You can also make one using an old altoid box. Buy empty half-pans, stick 3M magnetic tape on the bottom of the half pans and BOOM they fit in your altoid box. Fill the half pans from your favorite tubes of paint and away you go. 4”x 6” watercolor postcards are offered by several paper companies they fit in the drawers for the boards, along with the boards. Perfect, off you go! Enjoy!

Where do you purchase your 4″×6″ panels?
Curious minds want to know.

I am smitten with this little gem!!! I think I must treat myself to this very soon.

Walter, I think you have thought of everything! The little cup holders, paint brush holders, magnetic trays and cross body strap! It’s brilliant and beautiful! I ordered the walnut and can not wait to take it with me on Plein air adventures. Thank you for designing and getting this out so quickly after your trip.

Cindy -

I have been using mine for gouache – I will take some photographs and share on Instagram!

Jason – the paintings are on boards – these are the canvases or panels that we include with the box!

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