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Walter and I started Peg and Awl on the 10th of January, 2010! According to my journal – which was blank – it was just a day like any other day. 

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How New Years come around so quickly, these new years. 2022 was another weirdo, and we look forward to new and very different adventures, and too, very same adventures in 2023.

“If you like to write or draw or dance or sing, do it because it’s so great: as long as we’re playing around like that, we don’t feel lonely, and our hearts warm up.”
–from The Woman Who Killed the Fish by Clarice Lispector 

Walking next to Mantis trailer with puppy

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We’ve watched all of the YouTube reviews of our Sendak Artist Roll (thank you!) and have made our own video to answer some questions and share our experience!

We are grateful for all the wonderful Sendak reviews, and for sharing videos and spreading the word!

The Sendak Artist Roll Video | Peg and Awl

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We’ve decided to discontinue a handful of our classics – some of which have been with us from the beginning! These treasures are limited to the quantities currently on our website and ready to ship. If there is anything you’ve been wanting, now is the time to scoop it up!

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