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Here is what you will need:

Leather – If you have scrap, an old jacket or wallet, anything soft and malleable, have it ready! Scraps of many colors are also available from many sellers on Etsy.
Fabric – This will replace mull (a starched cheesecloth) that will be glued directly to your book block to strengthen your book.
Thread – For the headband. Aim for something thick that will take up space. You can also use a pre-made headband.
Scissors – For trimming your cover. If you are using leather for your cover, make sure they are sharp!
Hammer – For shaping your book block. Be sure it is clean as it will be coming in contact with your paper! (I used a rock hammer and my pages don't hide it!)
Glue – For gluing your leather to the front and back covers of your book. Elmers works!
Heavy Book – This will be your book press! Any heavy book will do, though I find art books (and their dense pages) perfect for the job!

We have put together a little supplemental video for our second Bookbinding at Home Tutorial: Stitching a Coverless Journal – making your own #100dayproject book! Enjoy, ask questions, and share with us on Instagram so we can see what you are working on and share on our platforms:


Journal Page Planning

100 Day Project Planning Table

We are now in our 2nd year of officially homeschooling our boys, which means full time of the stuff we did around the edges of their ‘normal’ education at public school. We love the unknown and the ‘around the edges’ stuff like family bike rides, traveling, and art all day, and have always found places like Kahn Academy and Skillshare, to be grounding companions. With so many students of the world currently homeschooling, or hodge-podge schooling via Zoom and Flipgrid (like we are!), we have decided (thanks Silas!) to unearth a Peg and Awl project that will eventually make its way into a notebook, and have turned it into a free downloadable PDF: Specimen Cards! We love to encourage movement, getting outside, observing, drawing, writing, and research. These cards cover all of that – be it a Citizen Science Project, backyard explorations, or for identifying mysterious objects around the house.

Download the Printable PDF

Specimen Cards by Peg and Awl
Silas with a Specimen Card | Peg and Awl Specimen Cards by Peg and Awl

Bookbinding at Home: Part 2

So here we are again – still at home and pleased to share our next installment of Bookbinding at Home! We hope you have found some small things to enjoy in this time of truly slooooowing down. For me it is always the small things that brighten my days, like watching Toots and Yedda – our goose landmates – and transforming a pile of field stone into an elegant yet makeshift garden path!

As for the tutorials, we are learning a lot (we hope you are too) and are so grateful for everyone who is joining us!

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