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Our Bakehouse Collection: Zero Waste, Washable Bags

Reusable cotton grocery bag collection by peg and awl

Our Bakehouse Collection is comprised of seven useful bags intended to replace common and disposable paper goods.

A trip into the old-country, by to-day's standards, proves to be thoroughly modern. To be sure, it is still quite sensible to bring along your sacks for the produce market and boulangerie as well as one for the frock shoppes.

We invite you to a little time travel...

Reusable cotton pastry bag by Peg and Awl

No. 1 PastryA small, simple bag that works well with the other six. This pastry bag is perfect for a morning cookie, pastry, or an afternoon snack!

Reusable snack bags by Peg and Awl

No. 2 Snack: I imagine this on road trips with pistachios or grapes, pretzels or rice cakes. This snack bag is also perfect for any loose snack fitted for day trips and lunches for little people and big people too!

Reusable wine bag by Peg and Awl

No. 3 Wine: This one fits a bottle or two. It's also good for olive oil and I am certain, other things. This wine bag – traded at a market and stuffed with two bottles of wine – is perfect for bringing wine home or giving as a gift!

Reusable grocery bags by Peg and Awl

No. 4 Baguette: Quite perfect for just such loaves! No more one timers. Use this on repeat. This baguette bag is perfect for those who frequently fetch baguettes from the local bakery or farmers’ market, or for those bread makers who find the gifting of fresh baked bread irresistible!

Foldable cotton produce bags by Peg and Awl

No. 5 BreadFor bread bakers, buyers and gifters! This bread bag – scooped up with a delicious loaf of fresh baked bread – is perfect for those who regularly bring a hearty loaf along to a picnic, afternoon adventure, or friendly meeting.

Best Foldable Reusable Grocery Bags by Peg and Awl

No. 6 Petite Market (Right)Good for lunches, markets, or any other kind of little-thing-shopping. Our Petite Market bag – scooped up with a delicious trio of salads – is perfect for those who share lunch, have a big mid-day appetite or for a visit to your local cheese shoppe.

No. 7 Market (Left): Perfect for every kind of shopping. Our Market bag – actually received with a dress within – is a large shopping bag strong enough to suit whatever your gathering needs may be!

Our zero waste washable cotton bags were made after scouring our city’s best cafes for the most useful shapes in paper bags. These bags are all made from locally sourced 100% cotton canvas, and are therefore washable!

Best Stylish Reusable Shopping and Tote Bags by Peg and Awl


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