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NEW Uma Yoga Mat Carrier & Rishi Tea Caddy

Rishi Tea Caddy by Peg and Awl

’Tis the season to nourish!

With the short, cold, and dark days we are reminded to make an extra effort to take care of ourselves. It is in this spirit that we are pleased to offer our new Uma Yoga Mat Carrier – to help you get out of the house and into the yoga studio – and our Rishi Tea Caddy for a steaming hot cup of tea to fend off the chill!

Uma Yoga Mat Carrier

Uma Yoga Mat Carrier | Peg and Awl Uma Yoga Mat Carrier | Peg and Awl

Our Uma Yoga Mat Carrier is the perfect case of, “We used to make them for ourselves and now we make them for the everyone!”

Yoga mats can be unwieldy creatures – I struggled with my mat to and from class before Walter took notice and surprised me with a Peg and Awl yoga mat carrier for my birthday. Hauling my mat has been a dream ever since!

Constructed from waxed canvas and vegetable tanned leather, this carrier will be the last one you need. Roll it up, buckle it in, toss it over your shoulder, and make your way to class – and if you are walking, make sure you take the long way! The straps are adjustable for all shapes and sizes of people and mats.

Rishi Tea Caddy

Rishi Tea Caddy by Peg and Awl Rishi Tea Caddy by Peg and Awl

The only thing more enjoyable then sipping a warm cup of tea is sipping a warm cup of tea with someone you love. When Rishi Tea emailed us to collaborate we couldn’t have been more excited! We LOVE Rishi Tea! One of the treasures we worked on together, the Rishi Tea Caddy has found its way into hotels and restaurants around the world and has connected us with so many tea lovers. Because of all the requests from happy customers wanting to bring the Tea Caddy home, we are finally offering them to everyone! Take a well needed break to relax and reflect and enjoy.

Constructed from sustainable Walnut, the Tea Caddy is good for 1 – order it with a glass steeper and a glass mug – or 2 - order with two steepers. As for us, we love making two kinds of tea and bringing the caddy and mugs into our studio where the whole family gathers around to enjoy a cozy hot cup!

Waxed Canvas Tote SALE!

Waxed Canvas Tote without Zipper | Peg and Awl Large Waxed Canvas Tote without Zipper | Peg and Awl

We are simplifying our Waxed Canvas Tote options to all include a zipper. As a result, our remaining stock of zipper-less totes are all on sale! If you had your eye on one, scoop it up before they run out.


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