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Spring 2022 Of A Kind Collection

Our first Of A Kind Collection of 2022 is bursting with character! Each of these collections allows us to dig around and find treasures within treasures. Every discovery holds a bit of the past, and the story and marks accumulated. They are a joy to put together and harken back to the best part of our origin story – the gathering of old things and the reimagining and reworking of them into once again useful objects.

recycled vintage fabric for waxed canvas pouches by peg and awl

Hand Mulled Ghost Green Watercolour Paint!

We made two small batch sets for painters. The first is the Petite Paint Set, which contains a pan of hand mulled Ghost Green watercolour and a brush rest. The other is a set of 3 Brush Rests for those of you with more than one brush or pen in use!

Our watercolour is made from Wissahickon Schist that was pulverized when digging the well for our barn. Made from rock, the paint is gritty in texture, and a warm, earthy grey green. This paint is in Bioplastic Pans, made by Poems About You, that fit in our Painter’s Palettes

handmade watercolor paint by peg and awl
wissahickon schist used for making paint by peg and awl
Bioplastic pan of Ghost Green Watercolour
The Wissahickon Schist was pulverized when digging the well for our barn. 
wissahickon schist used for making paint by peg and awl
wissahickon schist used for making paint by peg and awl
Wissahickon Schist – also known as Trash Stone – makes this gorgeous ghost green colour.
I transformed the pre-ground pigment into paint, which is part of our Of a Kind Collection!
paint making journal page with drawings in ink
A page of my left-handed #100DayProject in my Anselm Sketchbook
Portrait of my family in Ghost Green.

Printable: Paint Pan Packaging

We have made this paint packaging available so that you can package your own handmade paint. As it is, it is designed to wrap around the Bioplastic Pans by Poems About You, although you can adjust and be creative about your uses and sizing!

Download the Printable PDF


Handmade Brush Rest made from Reclaimed American Chestnut!

The Brush Rests (here in a trio) are made from extinct* American Chestnut beams that – for nearly 200 years – held up our barn (read about our barn restoration here). Walter turned them into barn studio doors and made these delicious little brush rests with the scrap – they fit perfectly in the Sendak pocket and may just make clean up a touch easier next time!

*Read more about the blight on the American Chestnut here.

handmade wooden paint palette, watercolour paint, and brush rest
wooden brush rest made from reclaimed american chestnut
Our Brush Rest, Hand Mulled Paint, and Tilda Painter’s Palette together!
I’ve been using my brush rest also as a rest for my vintage dip pens, so we're also offering a Trio of Brush Rests!
The barn – before restoration!
These American Chestnut Tree beams, born in the 1700s, held up our barn for nearly 200 years.
Walter used his Alaskan Saw Mill to mill down the beams.
We’re excited to share a portion of this beautiful reclaimed wood in the form of brush rests!


Mystery Boxes!

They are back! We’ve sifted through our misfits: merry mishaps, prototypes, and items riddled with character – imperfect but fully functional. We’ve have grouped them together into themed mystery boxes at nearly half price! Though not for the faint-hearted, each set is useful and nearly half price. Enjoy the mystery and the gifting potential: one for you, one for me, one for you...

These boxes are perfect for the indecisive (who love Peg and Awl) or for those who just love a good mystery.⁠ The Desk Caddies more character, knots, holes and markings – more evidence of the wood’s prior life.

Each box contains an assortment of related and similar-valued items – the photographs illustrate the theme and sample items within each box, but not necessarily the particular grouping.

This set of Desk Caddies are part of the Desk Organization Mystery Box – these will vary in wood characteristic, engraving, wood type, etc.
Here you can see examples of the variation in the wood – these particular caddies are so special and filled with character!
An old favourite! This is our "Tabletop Caddy," an old iteration of our current Beatrix Artist Caddy
The Kitchen Mystery Box includes a variety of products, including decoupaged candleblocks – one of our first products!


Vintage Textile Pouches and Vintage Bag!

We've transformed two favourite antique quilts (one is well-worn, soft, and frayed and the other, unfinished and crisp!) into useful pouches lined with waxed canvas. These are often one-of-a-kinds – the textile patterns and designs used within one patchwork square are unique from another!⁠

We've done our best to divide the pouches by similar qualities so you may have an idea of the one that will arrive on your doorstep, but if you love mystery, the green quilt especially will peak your interest. ⁠

The 1800s quilt, well-loved, and in the colors of Pearl (our puppy!).
The assortment of vintage textiles, including our two favourite antique quilts.
Each pouch is lined with waxed canvas to reinforce and protect the textile from the tools and supplies that will fill the pouch. These pouches are also finished with vintage zippers.
It can be sad to cut into a vintage quilt, but wonderful to give it new life!
This quilt was started in the 1930s and never finished – we transformed it into pouches lined with waxed canvas!
This collection also contains one repurposed canvas tote that was originally designed with a drawstring closure – we’ve adapted it with vegetable-tanned leather straps and a waxed canvas pocket!


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