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Woman holding stack of pouches with antique fabrics

"But nothing's lost. Or else: All is translation and every bit of us is lost in it." 

- James Merrill


Our next Of a Kind Summer Pouch and Journal collection features some vintage fabrics from bundles, feedsacks, unfinished quilts, bolts of indigo from the 1800s and more. They are limited to the number of pouches we were able to make from each reclaimed piece.

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My mom and I have always gone to flea markets, and we couldn’t pass by an abandoned house without stopping in for a little time-travel. Even a good trash picking was never a source of embarrassment. Dumpster diving in ‘work clothes’? Not a problem. Giving rescued objects a new life after so many decades of idleness is irresistible – especially in our throwaway society.

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We are very psyched to announce our only batch of tin type journals for the year! I’ve collected more historic tins for what has become an annual event at Peg and Awl.

This past weekend, the Peg and Awl team traveled back in time with @gilesclement and his partner Kendra, witnessing and partaking in many tin type and ambrotype sessions at the Peg and Awl workshop (read our blog post about that here). When I pour over each portrait from the 1800s, choosing the right one for each journal, giving them new names, I wonder about the day, the preparation, who the photographer was. I wish I had a time machine to hear their conversations, to witness their awkwardness and unexpected giggles, that nearly always ended with a grim countenance.

Browse our newest Tin Type collection here, and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of the launch time! Go ahead, find your favourite, and fill the pages within with your stories and let us wonder what another 150 years will bring.

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I wandered out to treasure hunt Memorial Day morning before the heat became too oppressive. The breeze was blowy and the clouds were bright and the gruff unvoice of Tom Waits spilled out of the speakers and mixed with the wind like days of old. I found some delightful treats (despite the wreckage of the market I so long ago frequented) including some old tins, antique pencils, and these glorious little Japanese scarves from the 1920s made from previously used textiles—some of which are rumoured to be old(er) diapers! (I purchased these from a woman from whom I have bought many a-treasure from over the years!) I absolutely adore these and may have to keep one as a scarf for myself.

I am looking forward to transforming them into something else and filling up our Of A Kind Section!

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