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Wooden Product Maintenance and Care by Peg and Awl

Bartram Wood Balm is a handcrafted balm that will brighten and restore your kitchen! It emerged from a collaboration with Priya Means Love which began as a meeting at a craft show and a swap, in the beginning years of Peg and Awl. 

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Little boy swinging on old fashioned wooden tree swing
"A 5 is shaped like a 5.
It looks like a 5.
And people called it a 5
for years and years.
It is perfect."
- Silas Kent, age 5 
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Woman holding stack of pouches with antique fabrics

"But nothing's lost. Or else: All is translation and every bit of us is lost in it." 

- James Merrill


Our next Of a Kind Summer Pouch and Journal collection features some vintage fabrics from bundles, feedsacks, unfinished quilts, bolts of indigo from the 1800s and more. They are limited to the number of pouches we were able to make from each reclaimed piece.

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