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We are very psyched to announce our only batch of tin type journals for the year! I’ve collected more historic tins for what has become an annual event at Peg and Awl.

This past weekend, the Peg and Awl team traveled back in time with @gilesclement and his partner Kendra, witnessing and partaking in many tin type and ambrotype sessions at the Peg and Awl workshop (read our blog post about that here). When I pour over each portrait from the 1800s, choosing the right one for each journal, giving them new names, I wonder about the day, the preparation, who the photographer was. I wish I had a time machine to hear their conversations, to witness their awkwardness and unexpected giggles, that nearly always ended with a grim countenance.

Browse our newest Tin Type collection here, and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of the launch time! Go ahead, find your favourite, and fill the pages within with your stories and let us wonder what another 150 years will bring.

Read more about our Tin Type Journals here.

This past weekend, the Peg and Awl team traveled back in time with @gilesclement and his partner Kendra, witnessing and partaking in many tin type and ambrotype sessions at the Peg and Awl workshop. The smell of collodion was intoxicating, as Giles expertly poured it onto the plates and gently tilted each one until fully coated, finally tipping one corner into the well-used bottle to collect the excess. The tiny makeshift darkroom housing developer was like a time machine. In the age of digital photography, we snap-snap-snap, hoping 1 in million will be good enough for a quick digital edit and a push to Instagram. For me, seeing Giles set up each portrait with care and shoot at the precise right moment, yanked me back into my olden days, where I had 12 shots per roll of film and a week to wait for the results. Patience, time, care, seem nearly lost to me now, but I suppose our new way is just a different path to the same point. We don’t have to head into a studio, wash behind our ears, and make sure our Sunday best is spotless. We get to snap-snap-snapping in the midst of the action, dirt and all.

Here is to the old and the new, and how lucky we are to be at the crossroads.

Click below to see the process and final photographs!

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Vanessa Langton made a wonderful video unboxing and filling up our Sendak Mini Artist Roll! Visit her YouTube channel Pen Gangsta and follow her on Instagram @vanessa_langton

A few weeks ago, when I felt a little stuck in my everyday drawing practice, I began making paintings of my favorite things. As the little paintings accumulated, they began to feel like a gift guide – the perfect way to share some of the things I use daily. Here goes:

1. Local Food!

Since moving, we’ve found growers’ markets surrounding us. Fresh, delicious local food has changed my world (and ultimately leads to MUCH smaller grocery bills for us). I cannot get enough delicious mushrooms, fresh ginger, and turmeric! My family loves Brandywine Bread Company, and I will actually cry when the markets close for winter.
2. Piles of Books!

I can never have too many unread books around, though sometimes I question the excess. Find a local bookstore if you can and stock up! I am working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and despite all of its weirdness, I am loving it! (It has been on my unread shelf for years) If you have any of your favorites to share, please do in the comments section!
3. Art Supplies

Where to begin?! It is always a delight to find antique pens and pencils at flea markets. Stocking up on art supplies is as fun and dangerous as stocking up on books. I love Blackwing pencils. Case for Making, Greenleaf & Blueberry, and Beam Paints have all opened up my world with the magic of handmade watercolors.
4. Hydro Flask

I can never get enough water and I cannot believe it is still legal to put so much stinking water into plastic bottles. The math is simple, the convenience is clear. And Hydro Flasks are great! (But not the sippy version – they leak!)
5. Saltverk Licorice Salt

I love licorice in nearly any form so finding this salt was like finding magic dust for my every day!
6. Staub Kettle

I adore this beauty of a kettle. We’ve had it for years. It is simple, looks great in our kitchen, and I look forward to using it every day.
7. Fiorentini + Baker Boots

I had to include these. I don’t think a week goes by without someone asking about my boots. Here they are in miniature! Or, one pair anyway. I love these so!
8. Uncle Harry’s Breath Freshener

More fairy dust! I am so happy to have found this breath freshener and digestive! Yum! (I love their tooth powder too!) The packaging is simple and recyclable and they make everything in America.
9. Tiger Balm

…has been in my pockets or bag since I was a kid. I’ve always been prone to headaches, and this balm has always helped to lessen them. I was once back stage at a Sonic Youth show and Kim Gordon complained of a headache – I gave her a try. She loved it so I promptly handed over my tin!
10. Moss and Mineral Bee Hotel

We built our garden this year at the 5 acre wood and cannot wait to put our Bee Hotel from Moss and Mineral in it next spring, and look forward to seeing all of the pollinators who will call it home. Handmade from all reclaimed materials.
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